Flyweight Mariya Agapova On Lack Of UFC Activity – “In A Week, I’ll Probably Be Homeless”

Mariya Agapova has not had a fight since her loss to Gillian Robertson in September 2022, and due to this she appears to be facing dire situations.

The 125-pound native of Kazakhstan does now have an upcoming fight booked in July versus Luana Santos, but it sounds as though the payday cannot come soon enough.

In a recent Instagram story, Agapova explained the hard times she has fallen upon, including finding herself in some fairly disturbing situations.

“In a week, I’ll probably be homeless… This is a classic of my life in America… Becoming homeless right before a UFC fight… Next week I’ll be looking for a homeless shelter.”


Sadly, despite her time sidelined from the UFC, Agpova is unable to compete with other organizations as she still has outstanding fights on her UFC contract. This has left her without income for quite some time, and given the typical pay for non-title contenders in within the promotion, this is of course not sustainable.

The flyweight competitor even indicated that as a result of her current financial situation, she has found herself in some uncomfortable and inappropriate scenarios.

“So since I don’t have money for rent, I live wherever I have to. People exploit me, and during this exploitation, they neglect my personal boundaries and my life. Including trying to sell me into s*x slavery behind my back.”


Prior to joining the ranks of the UFC, Agapova went 2-0 with Invicta FC, then unfortunately fell short in her appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series. Despite the setback, she still made her way to the big show, and has registered two wins thus far, but is hungry for more.

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