UFC On ESPN 13: Calvin Kattar Stops Dan Ige’s Momentum, Wins Via Unanimous Decision

Heading into fight night, the UFC’s featherweight division was considered one of the busiest and best in the UFC. Several contenders have been waiting for their chance to show they belong in the spotlight. On “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, Calvin Kattar proved he is the real deal.

A game Kattar (22-4) broke the win streak of Dan Ige (14-3), beating him via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) at UFC on ESPN 13. As a result, Kattar is one step closer to facing UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski.

Round one saw two sides to it. On one hand, Ige started the bout strong with one-two combinations. He would continue to do so while also adding a leg kick. Kattar was moving forward but Ige was leaning in to attack. Ige’s momentum quickly changed, however, as Kattar hit a body shot and would drop Ige. He would hit a few more body shots as Ige was on the floor. A front kick and face shot would damage Ige, who kept on pressing forward. Ige would end up hitting a kick to the body and a shot to the face, but Kattar would land counter combinations.

Kattar would land a flying knee to prove his point at the end of the round.

Ige continued to lean in as Kattar was stalking him to start round two. A left hook to the nose of Ige bloodied him up. A bloody nose would not stop Ige from landing solid shots across the body and face of Kattar. It would be one of his last chances at winning the bout, however, as he would feel tired throughout the rest of the fight.

Katttar opened round three with a leg kick and a right hand. Both would pick up the pace with one-two combinations. Ige would hit a shot to the nose for some revenge and would land a left hook counter shot. Kattar, however, would walk forward and throw long jabs that were landing. Ige ended up switching stances as both would land leg kicks. Kattar continued to be the solid fighter during the second half of the rounds.

While Ige was having fun, he needed to prove he could still hang with Kattar. He opened up round four with several jabs, but Kattar pumped up his jab input as well. Ige would then try for several takedowns but Kattar was having none of it. In total, Kattar avoided seven takedowns with his defense. Kattar would then land rights and a big elbow as he would later attempt to stick to the jab.

Round five was Ige’s last chance and he ended up showing some signs of life. Almost landing a major right, he slipped several times in the later rounds. Kattar would take advantage and land big knees and a flurry of shots before the end of the fight.

In total, Kattar landed 102 significant strikes while Ige landed 56.

Kattar, ranked sixth in the UFC’s featherweight rankings, has now won two in a row and is 4-1 in his last five fights. Ige, ranked tenth, lost for the first time since the beginning of 2018, ending a six-fight win streak.

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