UFC Orlando: Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson Dominates Kevin Holland

It was Thompson's first win since 2020.

It seems like age doesn’t matter to Stephen Thompson. 

Thompson earned one of his biggest victories on Saturday, where he technically knocked out Kevin Holland in the fourth-round of UFC Fight Night’s main event. 

“My last two performances, I lost to grapplers,” Thompson said.  

“I wanted to show the UFC, the fans, ‘Wonderboy’ is still here. I feel like I’m 25. I’m still in for the long haul, and I’ve still got it.” 

Thompson, 39, was still able to stand his ground after taking heavy blows from Holland in the first round. Thompson was stunned, but answered back by throwing elbows. 

Thompson made it to the second round where he was able to give more damage.  

But the contest really turned around in the fourth-round. 

Thompson didn’t let Holland have a chance to use his wrestling skills on full display, as he caught his opponent with a number of strikes including switch jump kicks, spinning wheel kicks and hook kicks. 

In the final moments of round four, Thompson laid down a flurry of punches, but the fight wasn’t stopped there. Holland’s corner called off the fight between the fourth and fifth rounds because he couldn’t punch with his right hand. 

“I think I hurt [the right hand] in the first round, and after that it was just hurting,” Holland said. “It is what it is.” 

It was ruled a fourth-round TKO via corner stoppage. 

“He’s tough as nails. Both of my hands hurt right now because of his hard noggin,” Thompson said during his post-fight interview.  

“Kevin Holland is a beast. I knew I had to use my longest tools, my kicks, against his 81-inch reach. 

Even star actor Jack Black congratulated Thompson.

Here’s the rest of the results: 

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