UFC President Dana White Plans To Make Fights In Metaverse

Dana White wants to keep following the modern tendencies and plans to fight in the Metaverse.

White has stated that the UFC is considering holding fights in the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a collection of 3D locales that may be visited using a VR headset.

“We’re looking to do a fight in the metaverse,” White said on the Full Send Podcast.

“We’ve been working on it for a while. It’ll be a live fight, an actual fight that takes place inside the metaverse.”

The UFC has already partnered with cryptocurrency companies. One of the cryptocurrency companies called “Crypto.com” is UFC’s sponsor. The promotion has also already sold NFTs.

It’s unclear what White is trying to accomplish by inciting a battle in the metaverse.

It may be an actual combat between virtual characters or a virtual reality event that fans may attend. Most likely, White is referring to the latter.

“It’d be kids at home, you put on your (goggles) and you can (get) up and go walk around. We’re still working it out, but yeah, it’ll be soon. We’ll be doing a fight in the metaverse. It’ll be a real fight.”

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