UFC Stars Announce Fighters Association

On Wednesday, a media call was held featuring some of the UFC’s top stars, former champion Georges St. Pierre, and former Bellator head Bjorn Rebney. The purpose of the call was to announce the creation of The Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association.

The call featured Rebney, Georges St. Pierre, former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, Donald Cerrone and Tim Kennedy.

Each fighter and Rebney took turns discussing the mistreatment of fighters at the hands of the UFC and its new owners WME-IMG. The full call will be available to listen to this evening, but here are some highlights:


"‘No man left behind resonates’ with me. We’re here to make sure that no fighter in the UFC gets left behind. In the coming months we are going to introduce you to some of those forgotten and disregarded fighters."

"We have been looking for the best horse to get on the race. No horse is perfect. This is the best."

St. Pierre:

"Maybe to UFC I will be seen as a villain like I was when I spoke about PEDs. But that situation was rectified, so hoping this will too."

"I am one of the rare fighters who is healthy and wealthy. I can’t say that about most guys."

"Even Conor McGregor doesn’t get his fair share."

"We are here to take a stand and fight for the fighters who are afraid to get fired, afraid to get left broken with no insurance or care."


"To hear that we only get paid 8% of what the UFC brings in is crazy to me."


"These athletes are risking more for less than any pro athlete on earth. They are paid pennies on the dollar."

Stay tuned for the full media call as well as updates as this story develops.

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