‘UFC Strike’ NFTs Sell Out, Fighters Featured Will Get A Cut Of Profit

The UFC’s first NFT pack went on sale on Sunday, and it sold out in just four hours.

But the organization isn’t keeping all the profit. There’s a reported 50/50 profit split between the organization and the athletes who were featured in “UFC Strike,” which is the official source of licensed UFC NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

There are 35 fights, or “moments,” included in each pack. Each NFT features the winning and losing fighter, both of whom will be paid half of the profit.

The average athlete that’s featured will receive about $18,000. Fighters who are featured twice will be paid double that.

The “moments” highlights UFC action and finishes from multiple camera angles. Announcer commentary and crowd reactions are also included. They were sold for $50.

The launch came after the heavyweight title unification between Francis Ngannou and interim champ Ciryl Gane. Ngannou came out as the eventual winner via unanimous decision.

Ngannou released his own NFT collectible last year and took home half of his UFC 270 prize purse in Bitcoin.

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