UFC To Show Their Pay-Per-View Events In 8K Following Their Latest Collaboration

According to reports, the UFC has signed a long-term multi-year deal with Cosm, an international tech firm, to show their pay-per-view events at their venues in 8K.

Cosm is set to establish theaters across 50 nations globally, and the first venue is scheduled to launch in early 2024.

The collaboration with Cosm focuses on improving the fan experience, which shows how much the UFC is giving back to the fan base.

“Cosm is bringing fans an entirely new category of entertainment. The UFC shares the same passion for innovation and elevating the fan experience as we do.

“The organization and their leadership immediately recognized the opportunity at hand. We are thrilled to partner with them to give fans a first-of-its-kind immersive experience for UFC fights around the world,” Jeb Terry (Cosm President)

This is just the latest line of ventures that the UFC has gotten involved in, so as to increase its brand.

In a monumental agreement, Endeavor had also successfully combined both WWE and UFC within a single entity.

As per reports, Endeavor will hold the majority shares in the newly formed company, possessing 51% control, whereas the existing WWE shareholders will retain a 49% stake.

With that being said, the future is bright for the UFC moving forward. 

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