UFC Welterweight Matt Brown Gives His Thoughts On Current Heavyweight Situation

UFC Veteran “The Immortal” Matt Brown has given his thoughts on what he feels the most important heavyweight matchup for the UFC to make is.

Francis Ngannou massively outperformed the expectations of the masses in his heavyweight boxing debut last month versus WBC champion Tyson Fury, and because of this his stock is seeing a considerable uptick. Ngannou went toe-to-toe with Fury for the duration of the fight, knocking down “The Gypsy King” in the third round, and keeping things close throughout the bout.

Because of this surge in popularity, many feel that there is even more demand than originally for a fight between Ngannou and Jon Jones in MMA, and UFC welterweight Matt Brown is just one of the many.

“If somehow – and we know it’s not going to happen – the UFC co-promotes with PFL, and it’s Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou, that’s the biggest fight you could make in MMA history. Now’s the time to strike if they’re ever going to do that.

“Obviously, Jon’s got to come back from his injury, and no offense to Stipe [Miocic] — I’m friends with Stipe, I’m a gigantic Stipe fan — but if I’m Jon Jones, I go talk to Dana [White] and I say, ‘Bro, let’s make this happen, let’s do the co-promotion.’

“It’s not going to kill the UFC. It’s not going to make the PFL a competitor to the UFC in any way, in my opinion.”

-“The Immortal” Matt Brown

Given that Ngannou is currently working with the PFL while he plans to continue his boxing career, and Jones is sitting atop the rankings in the UFC’s heavyweight division, the likelihood of the match ever getting made is slim. But, if it were to happen, Brown is right, it would be the biggest match in the history of MMA.

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