UFC’s Jimmy Flick Vs. Charles Johnson Flagged With Suspicious Betting, Flick Says They’re ‘Not Involved’

They fight on January 14.

There might be another betting scandal brewing within the UFC.

The bout between Charles Johnson vs. Jimmy Flick for UFC Vegas 67 has drawn some attention after a reported sudden shift in the betting lines. But Flick said that he and his opponent aren’t in on it.

“Apparently, the line has changed. I’m a +500 underdog, which is great, I love that,” Flick told Alex Behunin.

“I don’t know what people’s conspiracies are or what’s going on, and why we had this jump. But me and the guy I’m fighting are not involved with James Krause, so everybody, we’re good there.”

“But I think it makes sense. I mean, I haven’t fought in two years. I’m a submission guy. Charles is 1-1 in the UFC, very active in the last couple years, and he’s never been finished. So, I think it makes sense, doesn’t bother me none,” Flick added. “I think they’ll slim out a little bit as we get close to fight night.”

The UFC has seen some fairly significant betting issues over the past several months.

An investigation looking into Darrick Minner vs. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke has been ongoing due to shady betting lines before the match. UFC President Dana White has also vocalized how serious the issue is now.

James Krause was then sought after as a key suspect in what occurred. Following the announcement of the probe, White had the following to say.

“We’ve always told the fighters, as all the gambling stuff started to heat up, stay away from gambling,” White said. “Do you know how stupid you have to be to get involved in something like that?

“In every sport, somebody thinks they’re smarter than everybody else when really they’re the dumbest guy in the room,” White said. “And you will get caught — you will get caught and you will go to prison. It is what it is. If you’re that dumb and you’re willing to take that risk for money. Ruin your life for money. We can tell people until we’re blue in the face. Same thing as steroids, performance-enhancing drugs. ‘Don’t do it, USADA is testing, you’re gonna get caught.’ But this is a whole other level. … If you’re that stupid, have fun in prison.”

Both Coach Krause and Minner have been suspended.

Flick is seen by many as a bright prospect in the UFC. Less than two weeks before their battle, Johnson, his opponent, has changed from being a strong favorite to a major underdog.

Flick and Johnson are still scheduled to fight on the UFC’s card on January 14 at the Apex.

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