UFC’s Max Holloway Gets Emotional Over The Hawaii Wildfires

Max Holloway, the former UFC featherweight champion, became emotional as he spoke about the recent wildfires in Hawaii.

According to Hawaii Governer Josh Green, over a 100 people had died as the damage totalled an approximate $6 billion. That figure has now been bumped up to at least 155 people dead and over a 1,000 missing.

This has resulted in a huge response, with Floyd Mayweather and Dana White offering their help to those in need.

And it all came to a head when Holloway discussed the issue ahead of his fight with the ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung during the pre-fight presser, as the fighter became very emotional.

“It’s just tough, man. Those guys [in Hawaii] are the real heroes right now. They’re going through it, and my walkout song is going to be a dedication to them, and they said we should use red [fight shorts] to solidify those guys that are in the fire and going through it.

“I’m actually going to be using red for the first time in my UFC career. I’ve been using the black, and I was able to be granted red for the shorts

“I always go in there with Hawaii on my back, but it feels a little bit heavier now,” Holloway

Just as Holloway was emotional, the same can be said for Jung. The latter has suggested that this fight with Holloway could be his last.

“I’m not really sure what will happen [next]. I mean, it’s very difficult for a fighter to acknowledge that one’s career has ended. So, I’ll have to see how well I fight in the octagon. I’ll have to assess myself on this fight, and then decide what’s going on next,” Jung

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