UFL Looking To Give Its Fighters Healthcare Perks

This coming Saturday, the United Fight League (UFL) will launch its tournament, and they are going beyond the call of duty to look after their competitors away from the ring.

As the newest organization in the mixed martial arts sphere, UFL is taking measures to guarantee that their fighters are provided with the necessary safety precautions, such as health insurance coverage and other benefits, considering the amount of risk they take when they compete at the elite level.

UFL is providing its fighters with health coverage and life insurance, as well as a portion of the proceeds generated by the organization.

This response is in line with the requests made by Francis Ngannou and other fighters seeking a rightful cut of the earnings.

Ex-UFC titleholders Frank Mir, Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz will collaborate with Harrison J. Rogers, the leader of UFL, to manage the organization.

The first event of the UFL will feature a fight between ex-Bellator fighter Demarques Jackson and ex-UFC’s Jared Gooden. To watch all the exciting action, you can tune into Rumble.

But by the looks of it, the social media reaction has been one of caution, with fans questioning if this policy will work out.

Social Media Reaction

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