UK’s Muay Thai Mayhem Returns!

Quality Show Featuring A Female WBC European Title Fight.

17 years and counting. Muay Thai Mayhem is a show for fight fans. We put our heart & soul into our events: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA & Boxing.

– From Muay Thai Mayhem’s Facebook page.

When a promotion has been going for so many years, they  must be doing something right.

On October 15th 2022 the show returns to the Crawley Centre, South London, with another solid fight card and two title fights.

Muay Thai Mayhem WBC Intercontinental title fight poster, October 15th 2022
Tavares defends his WBC Muay Thai International title against the European Champion Burke. Photo credit: Muay Thai Mayhem.


This is going to be a corker: The English fighters are notoriously known for being tough as nails, but nobody travels all the way around the world to lose – this is going to be an epic war.

The girls a back in town!

Muay Thai Mayhem October 15th 2022 ladies WBC European title fight poster
Jade Nichols takes on Aline Seiberth for the vacant WBC Muay Thai European Title. Photo credit: Muay Thai Mayhem.


Aline Sieberth of team Balicha, Switzerland takes on Scorpions Gym’s Jade Nichols. Both girls come from established gyms with trainers who held world championship titles, so this is bound to be a world class, epic cracker of a fight.

Stay tuned for more Muay Thai Mayhem updates here on FIGHT SPORTS – Leave the Fighting to Us.

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