Underdog Larry Holmes Overcomes Ray Mercer – February 7, 1992 (This Day In Boxing History)

Larry Holmes put an end to what looked like an unstoppable reign.

On February 7, 1992, Holmes outdid Ray Mercer over 12 rounds to win a convincing unanimous decision.

“I’m back, world,” Holmes shouted after the fight. “Everybody says you got to lie down and die when you’re 40. I proved you don’t.”

Mercer seemed to have gotten the jump on Holmes and seemed unphased when Holmes landed clean punches in the opening rounds.

In the fourth and fifth round, Mercer forced Holmes against the ropes, cornering him with good hits.

But Holmes then had a big seventh round with several straight rights and right uppercuts to avenge what’s happened so far.

Mercer seemed more fatigued by Round 11 and in the final round, Holmes became more aggressive and stuck with it.

Holmes was a 4-1 underdog coming into the fight.

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