Update On Ricardo Mayorga’s Drug Rehabilitation

Former world champion Ricardo Mayorga is on the road to recovery.

Mayorga has been battling drug and alcohol addiction. He had been checked into the Managua Rehabilitation Center in an effort to fight this battle. There is some positive news regarding Mayorga’s progress.

The WBC issued a statement on the progress that Mayorga has made. Now that he is out of the rehabilitation center, the WBC has revealed what steps Mayorga is taking to ensure he stay clean.

“Ricardo Mayorga has been fighting the most important battle of his life, and although for a short while he against the ropes, now he has found a way to defeat that fearsome rival of drug and alcohol addiction.

The road to recovery has not been easy.  However, Ricardo has not been alone, as the boxing family has been in his corner. Principally former world champion Rosendo Álvarez who from the very beginning did not hesitate for a single second to help him.

Today, very good news,  as Ricardo left the Managua Rehabilitation Center,  where he was hospitalized for some time, to be reunited with his family.

However, to achieve a full recovery, Ricardo has accepted the help of Mexican idol Julio César Chávez, who is now 11 years clean after quitting drugs and alcohol.

Mayorga will travel on the first available flight to Mexico to get in at the Baja del Sol Clinic, where he will receive full and total support to leave this bitter passage of his life behind.

At the WBC we are deeply grateful to our former world champions, Rosendo Alvarez and Julio César Chávez, who have shown friendly and caring support to their fellow fighter who’s from Nicaragua.

We are sure that Ricardo will get his life back utilizing the qualities plus determination that made him the champion he is and always will be.

Dear Ricardo, your WBC family is with you every step of the way.”

Mayorga is a former WBA (Super) and WBC Welterweight Champion. He is also a former WBC Light-Middleweight Champion. Throughout his career, Mayorga has fought the likes of Felix Trinidad, Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La Hoya, and Shane Mosley to name a few.

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