Update on UFC/St-Pierre Negotiations

With the UFC 206 event on Dec. 10 taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, many were hoping that Georges St-Pierre would finally return to the UFC Octagon.

And it looked like it would happen, as there was a verbal agreement between St-Pierre and UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping for a bout. But several things, including a conflict between St-Pierre’s Under Armour deal and the UFC’s exclusive deal with Reebok, prevented the fight from taking place.

It’s been about a month since St-Pierre has declared himself a free agent. Now, Eric Hochstadt, an attorney for St-Pierre, provided an update on negotiations between his client and the UFC during an interview with Forbes.

"It’s fair to say that negotiations for UFC 206 have failed, and Georges is OK with that," Hochstadt said. "He certainly tried with the UFC’s new management. Look — Georges is ready to go if we can get this done. Hopefully, for the sport, for Georges, for fans, that can happen. At this rate, probably next year.

"He doesn’t need the UFC. If the new owners, William Morris-IMG, don’t want him back and they try to block him from fighting elsewhere, he can then take the legal battle or decide to walk away and do other things. Those are the bad guys here. Under the prior management before William Morris-IMG we don’t think any of this stuff would’ve happened. There would’ve been a deal reached, maybe even for UFC 206 in Toronto."

Original story: http://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/georges-st-pierre/george-st-pierres-lawyer-gives-update-negotiations-ufc/

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