Uriah Hall Talks Health Scare

UFC middleweight Uriah Hall nearly died due to a poor weight cut prior to his last fight, so much so that he may have had a slight heart attack and seizure in the process.

Now, days away from his first fight since the experience this past January in St. Louis, Hall is making sure to avoid what nearly killed him.

“You’ve just got to know your body, and it happened in a way where I just learned from it,” Hall told MMAjunkie prior to his fight with Paulo Henrique Costa at UFC 226. “It didn’t have to happen, but the fact that it happened made me realize I need to pay attention to certain things.”

“It’s scary overall, but I wouldn’t say that gave me a big change in my outlook on life. It was more like a wakeup call to pay attention because you’re getting older, and as you’re getting older you have to pay attention to certain things with your body – especially when you’re competing.”

“It’s like a car: You’ve got to keep fine-tuning it, you’ve got to put that right fuel and you’ve got to change the oil and all that stuff.”

Hall would also reveal that stomach problems would cause digestion and weight cutting problems during fight week.

“I learned I’m allergic to a lot of things, a lot of foods,” Hall said. “What a lot of people didn’t realize was I had stomach problems, which made it hard for me to digest food. So I ended up cutting more weight than normal because I couldn’t digest. That whole week, I was struggling to even digest and I was accumulating more water weight.”

“But just taking away certain foods, and experimenting with eating certain things, realizing I’m bloated from this or this or this … but the weight’s been really good, the camp’s been amazing.”

Initial Report: MMA Junkie

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