USA Boxing Withdraws From The IBA

USA Boxing has confirmed that they have ended their relationship with the International Boxing Association (IBA).

USA Boxing became a part of the IBA in 1946. However, the relationship between the IBA and the International Olympic Committee [IOC] has been tense.

In 2019, the IOC withdrew its recognition of the IBA due to concerns over their judging.

In addition, the IBA did not comply with the IOC’s order to prevent Russian fighters from competing under their country, despite being heavily criticized for their country’s approach to the Ukrainian conflict. 

Therefore, it appears that USA boxing will become a part of the World Boxing International Federation instead.

And according to the Executive Director of USA Boxing, Mike McAtee, the decision to take action was essential in order to safeguard the future of boxing as an Olympic sport.

“[The IBA has displayed a] failure to uphold its mission and principles of its constitution, and failure to respect the Olympic charter and movement.

“USA Boxing remains committed to the Olympic movement by following the principles of proper governance, promoting neutral third-party oversight of the field of play, condemning false and misleading information from IBA leadership [and] demanding transparent financial management,”  McAtee

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