USADA Calls Cormier, He Doesn’t Answer

Mere days after Daniel Cormier made an emphatic statement to USADA, telling them to never come to his house again, the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion had an unwelcome presence on his phone.



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Why are you still calling me @usantidoping ? You can stop now!

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Following Jon Jones being handed a retroactive 15 month suspension, Jones would take to UFC Tonight, and let the UFC’s drug testing partner to never show up to his house unannounced or quite frankly ever again.

”Here’s the deal: when it comes to USADA, they can’t come to my house any more at 6AM,” Cormier said.

“What’s the point? They’ve come to my house 15 times. When it comes to USADA they can’t come to my house any more. You don’t need to. You don’t need to come, I’m not going to fail any tests. I’m not going to make any mistakes. I’m not going to have to sit up there and say ‘I’m serious this time, guys, I promise I really wasn’t trying to cheat. 70 times. 70 times since I started wrestling internationally, and I have never made a mistake. It’s not that hard. So even having to sit here and do this again shows that this guy’s ridiculous.”


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