Usyk Bulks Up, Fury Trims Down For Upcoming Battle

Oleksandr Usyk has bulked up for his Undisputed Heavyweight Championship fight with Tyson Fury

The Ukrainian has not had the smoothest preparation, having seen the fight called off twice. The December 23 date last year and the February 17 date fell through as Fury pulled out with injuries. That could have disrupted the Ukrainian’s camp, with overtraining and injuries becoming more likely. However, Usyk seems focused on his biggest fight.

He faces a six-foot-nine heavyweight, capable of boxing in both stances, with good footwork. There is intrigue over how Usyk comes into the fight. He could come in heavier to negate any leaning from Fury, who will look to wear him down. Alternatively, the Ukrainian could stay lighter, allowing him to utilize his speed. Based on the following footage, Usyk has put on extra weight. The following clip shows Usyk hitting a moving bag, as the focus is on trying to hit the elusive and much taller Fury. 

Fury also faces questions over how he will enter the fight. He looks leaner than usual, having been in camp several times due to the rescheduled dates. A lighter Fury will make him awkward, just like he was against Wladimir Klitschko. But his recent cut sustained in sparring could become a target, especially if Usyk comes in heavier, with some serious pop behind his punches. Fury’s sparring partner shared photos of Fury, looking a lot leaner.



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