Valerie Loureda Says WWE Is Harder Than MMA

Valerie Loureda has found that the WWE can be more challenging than MMA fighting in some ways.

Loureda had a five fight run with Bellator before making a career shift. She recently signed with the WWE, leaving her MMA career behind for the time being. In doing so, she joins a long list of MMA fighters turned professional wrestlers, including Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar.

Although there are similarities between the two sports, she is now finding it a challenge to not hit people.

“I feel like fighting is easier because when you go into a cage, you have one goal and that’s to win or hurt that person,” Loureda told Denise Salcedo h/t Thirsty for News. “And in WWE, there are so many things going on and you do have to be a true entertainer. For me, the difference is striking but not striking to hurt someone. There are little things like that, but truly I love it. I am truly in love with it. I feel like a white belt again. I am just embracing the process and just getting better every day.”

As of now, Loureda has no plans to compete in MMA and is completely focused on journey as a professional wrestler.

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