VanZant Still Looking To Fight In 2017

 Following an injury suffered in training, Paige VanZant will have to step aside, yet she still hopes before 2017 is done.

VanZant was originally slated to face Jessica Eye at next weekend’s UFC 216, was forced to withdraw from the event due to a herniated disc. In an interview with MMAFighting that she is currently undergoing physical therapy that as well as an preexisting injury she suffered prior to her signing with UFC in 2014.

VanZant suffered the injury training jiu-jitsu and was advised by her doctor to avoid training for a few weeks. Luckilly, VanZant will be able to avoid surgery for the injury.

The 23 year old has been outside of the octagon since December 2016 and has shifted from Sacramento California to Portland Oregon, as well is in the process of releasing her autobiography.

While Jessica Eye may be on the table for a future fight, VanZant said that “depending on my healing timeline, I’ll fight anyone who is available.”

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