Vargas Thinks He Can KO Thurman

While there is no offer on the table, Jessie Vargas thinks that not only will a fight with WBC, WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman happen; but Vargas thinks he will knock Thurman out.

While being interviewed in Mexico City, Vargas said that he has already expressed his interest in taking that fight, and is focused on coming back on a date in March or April, which the time when Thurman wants to return

According to Vargas, he sees a lot of openings in Thurman’s game, where he can land a knockout blow.

“Every fight is dangerous, as ‘Chiquita’ (Gonzalez) told me. You can be ranked 15th in the world and you can well prepared and come out with the victory by beating the champion. You never know, just look at the fight with Saddam Ali with Miguel Cotto, nobody thought Ali could win,” Vargas told ESPN Deportes.

“In boxing everything can happen, that’s why we love this beautiful sport so much, they are two warriors who get into the ring, two minds that are alive and looking for victory with each shot, they defend and come back with another punch.”

“That’s why I love this fight, because I feel that I can beat Keith Thurman. I see weaknesses where I can apply my strengths and then nail him!”

Vargas is coming off a win against Aarón Herrera, while Thurman has not been in the ring since last March, when he defeated Danny Garcia in a bout for the WBC and WBA titles at 147 pounds.

”[Thurman] is a fight that has interested me a lot, I expressed my interest in that fight to Al Haymon and Guadalupe Valencia and they know it’s the fight that interests me, they are my advisors and they make the decision,” Vargas said.

“They say it is possible that the fight can happen. He wants to return in March or April and so do I. There has been no formal offer, just talks. I’m talking to my advisors about the next step and if the fight will be with Thurman – I have to confirm that with them.”

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