Eimantas Stanionis Vs. Vergil Ortiz Is Postponed-Here’s Why

Golden Boy Promotions has announced that the April 29th, 2023, bout between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Eimantas Stanionis, in Arlington, Texas, has been delayed.

The reason for the postponement is that Ortiz had to withdraw from the fight due to the recurrence of rhabdomyolysis.

This condition can harm the heart and kidneys, and may result in death. According to Fight Freaks Unite, Ortiz Jr was unable to train effectively.

And as per the doctor’s instructions, he has been advised to refrain from training for a minimum of six weeks. In March of last year, Ortiz was initially diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis.

As a result, his scheduled fight with Michael McKinson was canceled. After recovering, Ortiz fought and defeated McKinson to set up the fight with Stanionis.

So the fact that it cannot go ahead has obviously been disappointing.

With that being said, Oscar De La Hoya hopes that the fight can be rescheduled in June: “Vergil works tirelessly to prepare for his fights, and this is, of course, a huge disappointment for Golden Boy, him and his family.

“Despite this setback, I truly believe Vergil remains focused and will accomplish his goal of becoming a world champion this year and going on to become the top welterweight in the division.”

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