Verhoeven Wants “Street Fight” at GLORY 33

GLORY Kickboxing’s heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven is known for his technical ability, especially for a man of his size. His next opponent, Anderson ‘Braddock’ Silva, wants to make the fight ugly, and Verhoeven is looking forward to it.

Ahead of their GLORY 33 fight this Friday, Silva said that he wants to make the contest into “a street fight”, as Verhoeven clearly holds the advantage if the fight becomes a technical chess match. Verhoeven, however, says he is more than up for Silva’s challenge.

“Anderson wants a street fight? Great!” he said. “I have faced so many different fighters and so many different styles, I can fight however he wants. I always manage to find a solution to whatever they are bringing. So if he wants to make it a street fight, let’s do it, and I will figure that out as well.”

The Brazilian Silva has never received a title shot despite many solid performances in the heavyweight division, but the lack of depth in the division now that Verhoeven has run through contenders has given him his chance. Verhoeven seeks out heavyweights that pose different challenges, as Silva plans on doing. When he is challenged, he demonstrates his full capabilities.

“The kickboxers who understand the game. I like to fight them, because then I can show how good I really am. I think I understand the game at another level. So when they think they understand the game, that makes for a strategic fight and I can show that I am kickboxing at a different level.

“But every fighter brings a different skillset, so if this is going to be a street fight then I need to bring and show different skills than I do in a technical fight. So every time, I am challenging myself – and my opponent – in a different way. So that makes it easy to stay focused and motivated.”

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Verhoeven and Silva will fight in the main event of GLORY 33 in New Jersey on Friday. The event will air on ESPN 2 at 11PM EST.

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