Video: Mike Tyson Trains Arturo Gatti’s Son At Gym

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has won the hearts of the boxing community on social media after a short clip of him training son of late boxer Arturo Gatti went viral.

In the video, Iron Mike can be seen instructing Arturo Gatti Jr to use his body weight to punch even harder. Holding the punching back from the side, Tyson kept advising Gatti Jr.

Gatti died at the age of 37 in 2009. He hung up his gloves in 2007 with a career record of 40-9. Gatti was one of the most exciting fighters, having taken on big guns of the sports like Floyd Mayweather.

While Gatti’s son seems eager to pursue boxing like his father, Tyson has a different perspective when it comes to his eldest son.

“I have my kid, the oldest one, he’s 24. He wants to do this so bad. I said, ‘Man, just chill out.’ He wants to fight Logan Paul and those guys,” Tyson said on a recent episode of his podcast. “He wants to do that. I said, ‘Man, just get a job. Get a real estate license.”

“Just chill out, man. Why can’t you take advantage of your lightweight wealth? Just chill.’ You don’t want none of that heat. I’m telling you,” the boxing legend added.

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