Video Shows Alexander Volkanovski And Islam Makhachev Agreeing To Rematch

Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev both appeared to be in agreement about a rematch, as evidenced by recently released UFC 284 footage.

The initial bout saw Makhachev emerge victorious over Volkanovski by means of a unanimous decision. It was an evenly matched battle from beginning to end, with Makhachev succeeding in thwarting Volkanovski’s bid to become a two-division UFC champion.

After their fight, Makhachev and Volkanovski exchanged some warm words backstage and seemed to come to the conclusion of having a rematch, possibly in Abu Dhabi. The following footage confirmed as much.

Volkanovski: “Should we do it again?” 

Makhachev: “Of course. Maybe Abu Dhabi, yes?” 

Volkanovski: “You deserve one in Abu Dhabi. My turn to get booed.”

Makhachev: “Yes, why not? Abu Dhabi.” 

Volkanovski: “This time Abu Dhabi. Yes, that’s fair. That’s fair.”

And yet, Makhachev may not be so eager to have a rematch. Dan Hooker stated that Makhachev rehydrated with an I.V. after a strenuous weight cut at UFC 284.

Even though the UFC swiftly proclaimed that I.V. utilization is not against USADA guidelines, the Western Australia Combat Sports Commission forbids this practice altogether. However, to remove all doubt, a rematch may be needed. 

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