VIDEO: Tito Ortiz Thinks Joe Rogan Is A ‘Quitter’

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz believes Joe Rogan abandoned the state of California.

Ortiz is running for City Council in Huntington Beach, California. Ortiz has long been a republican and is a supporter of Donald Trump. During a speech in an effort to promote his campaign, Ortiz took aim at high-profile names who left California and Rogan topped the list.

Here’s what Ortiz had to say about Rogan (h/t

“It’s important that we protect this city because this city is powerful to me and I’m not leaving. You know Joe Rogan and a bunch of other Hollywood guys, they left. You know what? I can’t say the word because my children are here, but they’re quitters. I refuse to be a quitter.”

Rogan had long expressed his desire to move out of the state of California. The UFC color commentator cited more freedom as the main reason why. Rogan also wasn’t shy in expressing his belief that California is overpopulated, has bad traffic jams, and is in economic despair. Rogan ended up moving to Austin, Texas.

As for Ortiz, he’s been trying to push himself as a California lifer. Time will tell if that leads him to the City Council.

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