Vince McMahon Joins The WWE-UFC Board Of Directors, Dana White Excluded

Vince McMahon has been named on the board of directors for ‘TKO.’

The news arrives following the recent decision of the WWE to merge with Endeavor, which is the UFC’s parent company, to form ‘TKO Group Holdings.’

The merger is expected to become official in September, as the board of directors have been revealed.

McMahon, alongside Ari Emanuel, are some of the big names to have made it on the board. But one man who was noticeably missing from the list was Dana White.

This may have come as a shock since White has played an instrumental part in getting the UFC to become a major player in MMA. With that being said, here is current list of directors.


Vincent K. McMahon (WWE)

Ariel Emmanuel (Endeavor)

Egon P. Durban (Endeavor)

Nick Khan (WWE)

Steven R. Koonin (WWE)

Jonathan A. Kraft (Endeavor)

Sonya E. Medina (Endeavor)

Mark Shapiro (Endeavor)

Nancy R. Tellem (WWE)

Carrie Wheeler (Endeavor)

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