Vitor Belfort Calls Out Jake Paul After Knocking Out Evander Holyfield

The heavily promoted Evander Holyfield versus Vitor Belfort fight ended within moments.

UFC legend Belfort knocked out boxing legend Holyfield in the first round to win the main event of a Triller Fight Club pay-per-view on Saturday night.

Holyfield, 58, was sluggish in approach. After absorbing barrage of haymakers in only the initial round, the referee decided that he has seen enough of the 58-year-old’s beating.

Holyfield did not seem pleased with the official’s decision, but he was not moving to the second round anyway with the kind of strikes of absorbed.

The boxing legend looked his age, just as the community expected him when he announced that he will replace Oscar De La Hoya in the showdown.

Being 14 years younger, Belfort did not have too much to do to send Holyfield down to the canvas twice in a matter of seconds.

Contrary to what the viewers had just seen, Holyfield said that he wasn’t hurt at all.

“The guy is strong but I wasn’t hurt,” he said following the stoppage. “The thing is, it wasn’t no shot that really hurt me bad. He hit me with a shot and I was off balance. I’m not hurt. I’m not. It’s kind of sad. It is what it is.”

Meanwhile, Belfort took this opportunity to call out Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

“We’ve got $25 million Hey, Jake Paul, stop running from me, man. You can be my kid,” the former UFC champ added.

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