Volkanovski Confident That His Next Bout Will Be An Attempt To Regain The Featherweight Title

Despite being open to competing in the lightweight division once again, Alexndander Volkanovski says that his next 145-pound match will be for the title.

Volkanovski suffered the first 3 losses in his time with the UFC between 2023 and 2024, with a pair of defeats at lightweight to Islam Makhachev, and most recently at featherweight to Ilia Topuria.

Many people are questioning where Volkanovski should go from here, but at the end of the day he is certainly still considered among the best 145-pound fighters in the world. In a recent interview with ESPN, the former titleholder shed some light on his plans.

“My next fight at Featherweight will be for the title,” Volkanovski told ESPN Australia. “It’s just the time. Obviously, I wanted to wait. I don’t know what exactly are the plans. I haven’t been hounding the UFC, just sort of been taking it easy. So, I don’t know if they got plans. I know for a fact my next fight is for the title. Whether something happens before that, and if that’s the case, does that mean I’m waiting too long?

“That’s where I’m like, if that is the case, alright,” he continued. “Maybe if Dustin Poirier [wants to], that would be an incredible fight. Obviously, he’s a good dude with a lot of respect for each other. Big name, very, very fun fight. That’s something, and I just thought I’d put feelers out so you never know. Lightweight division looks good but my next Featherweight fight is for the belt.”


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