Volkanovski Hits Back At Conor Suggesting They Settle Things In The Octagon

Alexander Volkanovski is open to the idea of fighting Conor McGregor following their social media feud. 

The comments came following McGregor’s criticism over Volkanovski being ranked the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. In response, the ‘Notorious’ downplayed the featherweight champion’s achievements. So much so that McGregor claimed the Australian “couldn’t hold my spit bucket.”

Those words were followed up by further verbal shots, calling Volkanovski a “little sausage” and a “readable, hittable, hurtable” fighter. And as Volkanovski prepares to face Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title in a rematch at UFC 294 on October 21st, 2023, the fighter was open to facing McGregor thereafter. 

“He sees everything that is happening with me, the way everyone is carrying on about me, and he hates that. Hates it because somebody else is getting all the attention. He’s jealous.“That I’m higher on the featherweight GOAT list, that I’m the pound for pound king. Was Conor McGregor ever top of that list?

“I think the fight definitely will happen because he keeps mentioning my name, keeps saying I’m a fight he wants. He also knows I’m a guy who fights anyone, anywhere, any weight — literally, any weight. So whatever weight he wants … let’s go. There is a massive story there,” Volkanovski said

McGregor’s recent enrolment into USADA would set up a potential return to the octagon at UFC 300. While McGregor is expected to face Michael Chandler, a bout with Volkanovski could materialize. The turnaround time would be adequate enough, while Volkanovski has shown a tendency to take bouts at very short notice, as shown by the Makhachev fight. And provided that Volkanovski avenges his loss to Makhachev, a bout with McGregor could follow. 

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