Ward Is Dedicated To Retirement

After rumors began regarding a comeback, Andre Ward has confirmed that he is not looking to return to boxing and is happily retired.

Ward, who walked away in 2017 at the age of 33, following two straight victories against Sergey Kovalev, told Boxing Scene he has no interest in returning.

Ward, who vacated his WBO, WBA, IBF light heavyweight titles in exchange for sitting at ringside as announcer for HBO Sports, debunked rumors of a comeback, even though he claimed on social media that he was “bulking up.”

Ward told Boxing Scene that, “I never said anything about the heavyweight division, I jut put my weight out there. People ask for transparency from me, so when I give them a little glimpse into my life sometimes and people can run with things. I’m a sincere person, and the people who know me – know that I’m not going to announce my retirement, say the things that I said, if I didn’t mean it.”

“But at the end of the day, this has been my baby for 23 years, my body is used to getting back to work right now. It hasn’t even been a year, its been like 5 months [since I retired]. I’m gonna stay ready and I’m gonna keep myself at a certain level of readiness, but I have no plans on coming back. I do have some extra weight on me, but it’s good weight and it’s not fat. I’m working, I’m challenging myself and building up – but I have no immediate plans.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene


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