Warren On Tyson: ‘He Has No Chance Against Any Heavyweight’

Ever since Mike Tyson announced his boxing return for charity, it has been met with some praise. Several entities are trying to bring the former heavyweight champion aboard so they could claim him. Someone who is not interested in “Iron” Mike is Frank Warren.

Warren ranted to Metro about Tyson’s attempted comeback. This comes after comparisons between Tyson and today’s heavyweights have formed.

“I don’t care if Mike Tyson is in the gym for the next ten years, he has no chance against any heavyweight,” Warren stated. “I have no idea who would licence him at the age of 53 if it wasn’t an exhibition match. I can’t see any governing body doing that.

“He’s in there getting himself fit and well, and that’s brilliant. But in terms of fighting again, give me a break. I know the lockdown is driving us all a bit mad and there’s lots of talk about fantasy fights, but all the fighters who come back all wind up one way – going straight back out again. If they make it into the ring, they all get beat bad and embarrassed.”

Tyson (50-6, 2NC) was seen a few days ago hitting pads with power and quickness that reminded everyone of what he used to do. The youngest heavyweight champion at 20, Tyson became lineal champion and held onto that mantle for several years. Warren, however, was not as impressed with what he saw.

“I saw his short training clip and all I can say is pads do not hit back,” Warren went on to say. “It was a short video for a reason. Short little bursts don’t fly in a real fight. Title fights are 12 rounds! That’s what it takes. It’s a fantasy to think he could come back and beat anyone, but an exhibition fight? Good luck to him.”

Since announcing his intentions to fight again, Tyson has had offers to compete. He was offered $1 million to fight Australian football and ruby stars and $20 million to sign with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. A rematch with Danny Williams and a fight with John Fury has also been offered. Evander Holyfield has even stated he would fight Tyson again for charity.

When Tyson was on, the man was unbeatable. With 44 wins via knockout, Tyson would have fights where opponents wouldn’t even be able to escape the first round. Warren has seen the Tyson playbook and is looking to expose him.

“For a round or a round-and-a-half you could get clipped by Mike,” Warren stated. “But as long as he tucked up and absorbed that we knew it would be all over. And that’s exactly what happened… Once his bully image was shattered, it became another story for Mike Tyson. His prime was when he was very, very young. He was exciting and it was edge of your seat stuff. All that went out the window once he started messing around.”

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