Warren Rejects Conspiracy Claims Regarding Fury’s Eye Cut

Frank Warren has dismissed conspiracy theories that Tyson Fury manufactured a cut above his eye to get out of the Oleksandr Usyk Undisputed Heavyweight Championship fight.

The fight for February 17 was called off after Fury sustained a cut in sparring over his right eye. With less than a month to go, rumors emerged that Fury was looking for a way out. It first began with speculation that Jai Opetaia dropped Fury in training camp as the Australian left after just five days after being brought in.

Johnny Nelson doubled down on those comments, stating he had heard Fury was getting ‘turned over’ in camp. It was also the second occasion Fury withdrew. The Gypsy King pulled out initially after the Francis Ngannou fight when the fight was meant for December 23, 2023. Turki Alalshikh has now demanded that both fighters pay $10 million if they pull out. But Warren has dismissed suggestions that Fury never wanted to fight.

“Tyson wants [the fight]. Some of the stuff that’s been going out, I’ve never heard anything like it. Has Tyson got make-believe stitches in his eye? What they’re saying is libelous and scandalous. He’ll want to be with his family. 

“He can’t continue training as such. He can tick over. He can get on the bike and keep well but when you’re training for a fight, you’re training to reach your ultimate best, your peak. Now he has to wind down and set everything back in motion to get himself up and ready and make sure he’s at his best for 18 May,” Warren stated 

Fury has also responded to the backlash, outlining his five-fight plan to face Usyk and Anthony Joshua in two fights, followed by the Ngannou rematch.


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