Warren Wants Fury “Mentally Fit”

Even following Tyson Fury’s victory on Saturday night, Frank Warren wants his fighter to continue to work on getting “mentally fit.”

After two and a half years away from the ring, Fury would stop Sefer Seferi in four rounds, in a fight many saw as an exhibition. And while that may be true, its all apart of Warren’s strategy.

“I want him to get some rounds. I want him to get mentally fit, get that bit of weight off so he’s then training for a fight rather than training to get weight off,” Warren told Boxing Scene.

Warren was disappointed that Seferi would quit between rounds four and five on Saturday night, and has spoke out against the comparison between Fury’s choice of opponent and Muhammad Ali’s first opponent upon his return to boxing.

“Ali wasn’t suicidal,” said Warren referring to Fury taking leave due to substance and mental health issues, as opposed to Ali, who was in a battle with the United States government over the Vietnam war.

“Ali wasn’t depressed, wasn’t in therapy… although he had his problems. He didn’t balloon up to the weight that Tyson did. For money, we could have thrown him in the deep end from day one but that’s not what this is about.

“We delivered what we said we’d do. He had a warm-up fight and he’ll have another warm-up fight (on August 18).”

Original Report: Boxing Scene

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