Warrington: ‘I’m At The Highest Point And Level Of My Career’

When it comes to fulfilling ones believed destiny, Josh Warrington is still on that path. The IBF Featherweight Champion has been biding his time in hopes of matchups that can help secure his spot as the top boxer in the world today. Is it that easy for him?

Speaking on Matchroom Boxing’s “The Lockdown Tapes” podcast, Warrington (30-0) discussed future matchups that he’s been waiting for. The 29-year-old revealed that the rumored unification bout with Xu Can, the WBA Featherweight Champion, a match that he “desperately needed“, was close to happening. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, however, those plans have been paused for now.

“Can Xu was the front-runner for my next fight and that’s where we ended before this started. Within the space of five days it went from ‘we could have an announcement’ to ‘it’s not happening any time soon’ because of the pandemic,” Warrington stated.

“I haven’t been down about it though; I’ve kept myself ticking over because I think that it’s still going to happen. He’s WBA champion, in his last fight he threw about 1400 punches, he’s a busy guy and you know what, you want to be part of memorable fights that people are excited about and people talk about and say ‘I’ve watched that fight so many times’.

After an initial stint with Matchroom, Warrington left to pursue other opportunities. Winning the IBF Title from Lee Selby via split decision, Warrington has gone on to beat Carl Frampton, Kid Galahad and Sofiane Takoucht. The last bout was in October and he won via second-round TKO.

Returning to Matchroom, Warrington has a new sense of confidence in his ability. Even while isolating from the rest of the world, “The Leeds Warrior” is looking to hold onto his momentum.

“I feel like I have momentum with me now,” Warrington went on to say. “I don’t want to have too long out of the ring, but everyone is in the same boat right now. I’m at the highest point and level of buy career, and you want to be as busy as you can be. You have to be 100 per cent every time you get in there at this level, you can’t blag it.”

When Warrington first started, he won the English, European and Commonwealth Featherweight Titles. Winning a world title means everything to him. Now, he has a list of opponents in mind that include the likes of Shakur Stevenson, a Galahad rematch and Can. Reflecting on how far he has come, Warrington is ready for more.

“When I signed first pro contract, never did I think I’d be at a level where I would be boxing for multiple World titles, Ring magazine belts, getting BoxRec number one t-shirts,” Warrington said. “Now I am at this level, I think, why wouldn’t I want to take on the biggest challenges? Why not dare to be great and go on to these big fights? If I had it my way, I would fight champion after champion after champion. You just want to be part of exciting fights.”

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