Warrington: ‘I’m Desperate To Win Another Belt’

When Josh Warrington returned to Matchroom Boxing, a place where he received his first few big fights, his goal was to continue his journey to be the best. No matter the obstacle, the 29-year-old is hoping he can still accomplish that.

There have been reports that Warrington (30-0), the current IBF Featherweight Champion, will face off against Xu Can. A WBA Featherweight Champion, Can (18-2) beat Jesus Rojas for the belt in 2019. He hasn’t lost a bout since 2014.

“I do believe we were at the stage where we were about to announce a fight and a date,” Warrington stated to Sky Sports. “We talked about going to Headingley for a unification fight, so I’m hoping that can still happen.”

An issue Matchroom and Warrington have to move past is the coronavirus. The pandemic has affected the entire world, cancelling events all over while forcing cards to only happen with less than ten people. Warrington, while anxious to get it all done, understands that time needs to pass in order for him to get what he wants.

“It’s what I’ve been screaming for the last few years,” Warrington went on to say. “From winning the world title and defending it against some of the world’s best. I’m desperate to win another belt. You wrack your brains, you just keep training and plugging away, and you’re at a stage when it’s about to announce, and all of a sudden, it’s gets ripped under your feet.

“It’s a little bit frustrating, but I’ve had a little sulk, had a little bit of a moan, but I can’t get too worked up, because a lot of people are in worse off situations, worse off scenarios than myself.”

Warrington (30-0) won the European and WBC International Featherweight Titles under Matchroom. With his contract expiring in 2016, Warrington signed with Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions. He won the IBF Featherweight Title from Lee Selby via split decision in 2018, defending it three times. The last time he fought was in October, beating Sofiane Takoucht via second-round TKO.

In a previous interview, Warrington talked about becoming a great in boxing and facing the elite. Fighters like Shakur Stevenson, Kid Galahad (rematch) or Can can help his cause.

“I don’t want to be remembered as a decent boxer from Leeds, I want to be remembered as a UK great who was a part of special night, not a champion who had a padded record and padded defenses,” Warrington said. “The fans are a massive part of my journey and there is possibly a higher pressure when you’re fighting at home because of that expectation that is there. My next fight will be something special!”

Warrington has a number of challengers gunning for him. Regardless if there are events or not, the list will continue to grow. Galahad (27-1) won an IBF eliminator bout against Claudio Marrero. There are also unification bouts and the opportunity to do cross-promotional ones.

The idea of being a great means he has to win the crowd over. At the end of the day, Warrington wants that and more.

“I just want to be part of entertaining fights,” said Warrington. “For me, once you’ve ticked a box, then you normally move forward with your career. You don’t want to be going over old ground, especially with the facts that fight wasn’t the most entertaining of fights.

“Listen, if I have to fight him again, I have to fight him again, that’s the IBF’s rulings, but like I say, at this moment in time, all I want to do is win another belt and be part of fights that people remember.”

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