Was Josh Taylor Really The Winner In Jack Catterall Fight?

All was going well in the Jack Catterall and Josh Taylor fight until the result was announced.

It was a real shock for the viewers as Taylor was declared the winner of the fight that many say he lost.

It was evident that Catterall deserved to win the contest as he dominated most rounds.

Taylor showed a mixed reaction immediately after winning but it was changed in his speech on his social media handle once the fight was over. He looked quite balanced and composed while talking about his win online.

The British Boxing Board of Control will investigate the decision due to the chaos that occurred after the fight. However, it is quite unlikely that it will hand over any belts to Catterall.

The old discussion of incompetence and corruption is once again back in the boxing world now.

BBBoC’s chief, Robert Smith also talked about his concerns about the fight result, claiming that the fight may have been close, but Taylor had not done enough to retain his straps.

“It was a close fight but I have to say I thought Jack had won by a couple of laps. He boxed fantastically and deserved to win. I was surprised when I saw the decision,” he said.

Critics believe he should have reacted earlier and in front of the cameras right after the decision.

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