WATCH: Atlas: Golovkin Is One Dimensional

In an interview with SB Nation prior to this past Friday’s Lomachenko- Marriaga fight, ESPN analyst Teddy Atlas discussed the September showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

When asked about the 34 year old Golovkin, the famous trainer claimed that…

“[Golovkin], he is deteriorated. He has not improved. You could say that he has deteriorated, he’s 34-years-old. You could even say he’s been exposed in his last two fights. With Brook and with Danny Jacobs…so this is a guy that’s not the hardest guy to hit, not the fastest guy in the world…He’s terrific, Golovkin, but he’s built his resume — taking nothing away from him — but he’s built it on knocking out a lot of middle-aged, European junior middleweights.”


Conversely he praised Alvarez and his management team for waiting for the right time to schedule this fight and the ability of the 26 year old Mexican fighter…

“He still young, he’s getting better, he’s shown improvement!…I think it’s a much, much closer fight than it would’ve been two years ago. It’s the kinda fight that makes me think now whether or not I still like [Golovkin] the way I did. Because now it’s not about being bigger and stronger. Now it’s about being older, being vulnerable, uh, being one dimensional. I mean that’s what I’ve seen in him lately!”

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