Watch: Conor McGregor’s First Pitch Was Just… A Little Bit Outside At Chicago Cubs Game

When you think of the best ceremonial first pitches in baseball, you might think of WWE star The Miz in 2011 or even former President George W. Bush in 2001. Conor McGregor, however, isn’t on that list.

Gregor, an MMA sensation, stepped on the mound Tuesday night before the Chicago Cubs took on the Minnesota Twins, unleashing a wild first pitch, which fans already dubbed one of the worst in history.

McGregor, who is recovering from a leg injury from UFC 264, has been in the public spotlight as of late. He was partying with Jerry Jones and Post Malone after the Dallas Cowboys football game and, just last week, he got in a squabble with rapper Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV VMAs, which he denied happened.

The Irish fighter’s pitch was so bad it was compared to rapper 50 Cent’s throw.

Even Justin Gaethje, who also hails from the UFC lightweight division, was embarrassed by the pitch.

As for fighting, it’s unclear when McGregor will return to the octagon.

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