WATCH: Daley Boos Fitch Mid-Fight

In a night of early finishes, Jon Fitch’s Bellator debut against Paul Daley at Bellator 199 was the exact opposite. Fitch spent most of the fight attempting a submission and what some called “tepid” ground and pound. Daley, who has had well-publicized issues with Bellator and his contractual status, spent the final minutes of the third round talking smack about how boring the fight is.

”F***** boring!” he exclaimed with just over a minute left in the third round. “Who wants to watch this? This is s***!”

”You’re going to get lots of fans with this, Bellator!” he continued as Jon Fitch continued to lay and pray atop of  the frustrated fighter.

“Millions, millions of fans. This is bulls**t. Listen to everyone. They’re booing. Booing! Boo! Booooo! Boo! Bulls**t. Boo! Seriously. F**k Bellator!”

Paul Daley prefers to stand and bang than utilize wrestling and jiu jitsu, felt this fight was set up by Scott Coker and Bellator management, to “humble” the former British star, and it did anything but emboldened Daley with his rant on Saturday night.


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