WATCH: Dana White On Jones Suspension

Following his Tuesday Night Contenders Series, UFC President Dana White said that the UFC will have to see how things “play out” with USADA following Jon Jones’ failing his USADA test for performance enhancers and other banned substances.

During the scrum at the UFC Performance Institute, White claimed that there were discussions between the UFC President and UFC’s matchmakers to allow Jones to move up in weight and face off against heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

When asked about the potential for Jones, in comparison to the current face of the UFC Conor McGregor, White would lament that.

“Look at Conor McGregor. Imagine what Jon Jones could be right now…How big he could be, how many sponsors he would have, who he’d be signed with that have never signed a mixed martial artist before. The list goes on and on about what could have been with Jon Jones. It’ll be a great 30 for 30 some day.”

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