WATCH: De La Hoya Talks Canelo-GGG On The Breakfast Club

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya explains Mayweather/McGregor Tweet, Canelo & GGG, and more in this interview with popular national morning show

On the tweet regarding Mayweather-McGregor:

“I did…it’s a disrespect to boxing. I mean boxing, look, boxing is — and my man Bernard Hopkins would say this in a heartbeat — boxing is old school. Boxing is boxing where you have two guys who are not gonna carry each other to the 10th round. I mean like, for instance, Mayweather, ok, Mayweather is probably the purest best boxer on the planet today. Right? I mean now he’s retired but in our generation…So you have him carrying McGregor for four or five rounds, right, so he can go he can go 10 rounds and collect his money in the sports book — I mean it’s no secret that Mayweather bet on himself in the 10th round, I mean, we all know that, right?”

On the Canelo-GGG 

“Canelo is the better boxer, he learned a lot when he lost against Mayweather back in the day [Editor’s note: More Mayweather shade]. He’s grown as a fighter, he’s maturing as a fighter. It’s just gonna be a good fight, man… It could go either way. I think Triple G can knockout Canelo, not at any given point, but if he lands that big power punch he can knock him out. And same with Canelo, if he lands that big power punch it’s goodnight for Triple G.”

Watch the full interview for more insight into Canelo-GGG, De La Hoya’s past scandals, and his transition from fighter to promoter

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