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WATCH: FS1’s Skip Bayless Gives Take On Mayweather/McGregor

We live in the “embrace debate” culture in modern sports, and Fox Sports 1 (a partner with the UFC and television home for the 24 year old fight brand) showcased that when they signed former ESPN commentator and Dallas Morning News columnist, Skip Bayless to a massive contract over a year ago.

Yesterday on his daily debate program heavily influenced from ESPN’s First Take in which he debates sports topics with former NFL Tight End Shannon Sharpe, Bayless discussed the upcoming Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight. It seems to be a part of the new initative taken by FS1 since the removal of Jamie Horowitz earlier this summer, for the network’s talking head shows to discuss sports that air on Fox networks such as the UFC and NASCAR.  And Bayless’ history of combat sports knowledge is limited by just picking up the sport a year ago when he attended his first UFC event.  The UFC event in question featured Nate Diaz battling Conor McGregor, which Bayless spoke of in the video above.  Since the airing of the episode of Undisputed yesterday, Bayless has been under fire and the subject of as many memes as the internet can handle due to Nate Diaz suddenly becoming a heavyweight due to having a “40 pound weight advantage” over McGregor, and utilizing “sumo wrestling” to try and topple the Irish born champion.

With the hype machine of McGregor and Mayweather reaching a fever pitch, one has to wonder… Will Floyd Mayweather utilize sumo tactics?

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