WATCH: Frank Mir: Jon Jones Can Beat Any Heavyweight But Stipe Miocic

Frank Mir is no stranger to Brock Lesnar, the two have faced each other in the octagon before, and thinks that UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones can beat Lesnar. In fact, Mir thinks that Jones can beat EVERY heavyweight except the current champion.

“The only fight immediately that would make me nervous for Jon would be Stipe. I think any other heavyweight I can see [Jones] beating. Stipe is a hard one. And I think Alistair, too, might be a hard one. Even Jon is not rushing to fight Stipe. You could hear when Jon called out Brock, stylistically that fight makes sense for Jon if he moves up to heavyweight. But when you say ‘fight Stipe,’ he’s like, ‘ehh.’ There’s a reason why. [Miocic is] a really good big guy.”


These comments made by Mir to the MMA Hour may prove to be bulletin board material for any heavyweight looking to call out either the Heavyweight or Light-Heavyweight champs, or the push the former NCAA, WWE, and UFC Heavyweight champion needed to return back to the Octagon.

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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