WATCH: GLORY 64 Weigh-Ins

On Friday, all 32 competitors fighting at GLORY’s return to France would take the scale in Strasbourg.

In the main event of GLORY 64, Harut Grigorian will defend his welterweight crown against Cedric Dumbe, and Anissa Meksen looks to retain her super bantamweight belt against former titleholder Tiffany Van Soest in a rematch of their 2017 showdown in New York City.

For the full weights for GLORY 64 please look below/


GLORY 64 Strasbourg
Harut Grigorian (76.9 kg) vs. Cedric Doumbe (76.6 kg)
Anissa Meksen (55.1 kg) vs. Tiffany Van Soest (54.6 kg)
D’Angelo Marshall (114.6 kg) vs. Daniel Skvor (97.3 kg)
Donegi Abena (93.9 kg) vs. Michael Duut (94.5 kg)

Super Fight Series
Alim Nabiyev (76.8 kg) vs. Murthel Groenhart (76.4 kg)
Zinedine Hameur-Lain (93.4 kg) vs. Artur Gorlov (94.4 kg)
Abdellah Ezbiri (64.5 kg) vs. Anvar Boynazarov (64.5 kg)
Mike Lemaire (76.8 kg) vs. Arian Sadikovic (76.7 kg)
Donovan Wisse (84.4 kg) vs. Matej Penaz (84.6 kg)
Itay Gershon (69.7 kg) vs. William Goldie-Galloway (69.7 kg)

Preliminary Card
Aleksei Ulianov (64.7 kg) vs. Massaro Glunder (64.9 kg)
Guerric Billet (69.5 kg) vs. Michael Palandre (69.5 kg)
Ertugrul Bayrak (85.2 kg) vs. Jakob Styben (84.8 kg)
Sarah Moussaddak (54.6 kg) vs. Jiwaen Lee (55.4)
Dani Traore (74.3 kg) vs. Jeremy Antonio (74.3 kg)
Vincent Foschiani (64.9 kg) vs. River Daz (64.4 kg)
Daniel Krost (84.9 kg) vs. Mathieu Ceva (84.6 kg)

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