WATCH: GSP- Dana Doesn’t Own Me

After what would be considered a dangerous weight gain for his fight at UFC 217 against Michael Bisping, Georges St-Pierre relinquished the UFC middleweight title.

As a guest on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, St- Pierre gave an update on his ulcerative colitis, which is what forced him to be hospitalized and relinquish his title.

“It’s a lot better,” St-Pierre told host Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “I’m on medication, but I started doing intermittent fasting and it helped me a lot. A lot of my symptoms are gone and I feel a lot better, however I lost a lot of weight, but I’m very, very ripped. It seems like the cause of that (sickness) was probably the fact that I tried eat so much, and forced myself to eat to elevate my weight, and with the stress and everything, I don’t think it was a good thing to do for me. I learned from my mistakes.”


Whether or not GSP returns to the octagon is up in the air, as he is still recovering and doesn’t want to dedicate himself with the possibility of getting sick again.

“I need to wait for my condition, to see where my weight will be at and where my health will be at,” St-Pierre said. “I’m still on medication right now, so I can’t fight right now, as we (said), because I’m sure if I go back, even if I start feeling better, if I go back to fighting with the stress and everything, bang, I will probably go right back into it (feeling sick). So I need to wait a little bit, see how it feels. (I need) to be stable for a longer period of time.


When asked about the fight with Bisping and his relationship with the UFC, St-Pierre claimed that he doesn’t need the UFC or to be controlled by Dana White to be successful.


“If I would’ve lost, I would’ve lost big. It was a risk. I took the risk. And (UFC president) Dana (White) maybe is not happy about it, because he doesn’t control me. Maybe he’s used to dealing with people that he controls, but he does not control me. I don’t depend on fighting. I don’t need the UFC to live. I have been there, done that, but I don’t depend on fighting. I have other stuff on the side that has nothing to do with the UFC, and I don’t need to fight for the rest of my life if I don’t want to.”


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