WATCH: Joshua-Miller UK Presser

On Monday the media tour for Anthony Joshua’s debut in the United States brought the unified world champion to his backyard, as he and Jarrell Miller would address the press in London.

Following a contentious first presser, there would be no physical violence in London, but Joshua vowed to “reconstruct” the Brooklyn born boxer on June 1st at Madison Square Garden.

“Look at his face. I will reconstruct his face and his body,” Joshua claimed.

“I’ve got 10 years left. This is all I know. I don’t know football, rugby, NFL, basketball. I know how to knock people out and beat them up.. I will be the surgeon to give him a makeover.”

Joshua made no bones about it when asked if he was looking at a stoppage, replying: “100 per cent, knock him clean out. A knockout needs to happen to announce myself in the States. He does the talking, I do the physical stuff.”

“He ain’t got no chin,” Miller said of Joshua. “The fans can’t fight for him. He’s not the popular one anymore.”


Quotes via Sky Sports

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