WATCH: Judo – Values For Life

Why do people train for judo? Could it be for the competition and the reward that comes with winning? Or is there a deeper meaning to it all. The International Judo Federation has created a video reel to explain to newcomers of the sport what it is all about. During a time when the coronavirus has halted everything, the values of the sport are extremely important.

Here are the meanings of judo:

  • Courtesy: Our true greatness comes from how we treat others
  • Courage: We do what is fair
  • Sincerity: We express ourselves honestly and seek the truth
  • Honor: We are faithful to the principles of our art, and art which has brought so much good to so many
  • Modesty: We are more than ourselves
  • Respect: An appreciation for all of the teachings you have received
  • Self Control: Those who have power over themselves have power over their greatest challenges
  • Friendship: Nobody can achieve success alone
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