Watch: Kamaru Usman Attended Dambe Competition During Visit To Nigeria

Nearly after 26 years, UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman returned to his native homeland Nigeria and was accompanied by his elder brother Kashetu.

While he was busy meeting government personnel, Usman also took time and attended a local martial arts competition, Dambe, organized by the African Warriors Fighting Championship in the suburbs of Capital Abuja.

Dambe is an ancient form of kickboxing originally practiced by the military forces.

It is an indigenous African combat sport where fighters wrap their dominant hand with a rope and a piece of cloth while using their free hand for defense.

The striking hand is called “spear” while the defensive hand is called “shield” as it can be used to grab the opponent when needed in the ring.

The contests are won by knocking your opponent or forcing him to touch his hands or knees to the ground. This is also known as “kill.”

There are no specific limits to the rounds as it is only stopped when the action lacks substance, otherwise, the fight continues until one of them wins.

There are also no such weight classes in these competitions and athletes fight on their own. There are no coaches to help them out during the battle in the ring.

Usman attended the event on an invitation from African Warriors Fighting Championship, which is committed to showcasing the Nigerian talent on the world stage and getting more people familiarized with Dambe.

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